What we do

At Freed, we pride ourselves on offering top quality, reliable and personalised services. With over 20 years of experience in the translation industry, we know that by understanding your needs and wishes, by working hand-in-hand with you and adhering to our Risk-Free Guarantee, we will deliver the best possible services for your organisation.

Within our services, we focus on what we excel at: Translations. And to make your life easier, we also offer complementary services, as detailed below:


Translation requires an accurate understanding of the text to be translated plus an excellent command of the language the text is to be translated into. We work with the best translators in the industry (all precise country native speakers and industry specialists) to provide the highest quality translations.

Translation of Software & Websites

Also known as localisation, this involves adapting the text content from your Software or Web material into foreign languages. We all prefer using websites and software in our own language, particularly when payment is involved. And when it comes to Software or the Internet, clear, precise and relevant translations are crucial.

We undertake the translation of user interface, on-line help, database and documentation components, including User guides, Administrator manuals, associated Marketing brochures and Sales training material. When translating Websites, we make sure all information is fully translated.


Where you need to speak to people who don’t speak or understand your language, we can provide a number of interpreting solutions. We'll ensure language barriers are removed so you can communicate effectively.

This service can be useful in conferences, sales negotiations and product training sessions. It is also advantageous for seminars, factory/company visits, social visits, exhibitions and legal matters. We'll advise on the best interpreting solution depending on your needs.

Quality Review/Testing

When you have made a big investment in software or a website, you want to ensure that the language versions are performing as intended. We can undertake review and testing to ensure:

  • • Translation accuracy

  • • Wording is relevant and works in context

  • • The same words have been used to translate the same things
  • • Translated links lead to the relevant translated screen items

  • • Language characters & images are displayed correctly
  • • Documentation and interface (manuals, training, sales, videos) are matching and not misleading

We ensure that the localised product is fit for publication in the selected markets. You'll benefit hugely. This will preserve your brand reputation, save you money and increase business.

Translatability check/Multilingual Translation Savings

You need to translate documents into multiple languages. For you to obtain the best translation results across languages, we check files and question where the text could have several possible meanings, where multiple words are used to refer to the same concept or references to items cannot be found or are in other documents. We resolve all issues which may generate misunderstandings, errors and slow down the translations.

The benefits are obvious - you'll make astonishing savings and ensure that all translators understand the same thing and convey the same meaning.

Monolingual proofreading/Proofreading of documents written by non-native speakers

Amazing content, unsure of the grammar or the phrases you used? Leave it with us! Reports, articles, presentations, we’ll ensure your work gets the impact it deserves, avoiding the risk of misunderstanding or ridicule.

All our services come with our Risk-free Guarantee, making Freed the company you can trust for all your language needs.