Information Technology

IT – Multilingual Localization of Software, Website screen text, user/administrator instructions

When you've spent large sums on the development of software and websites, the last thing you want is people not to use them because they're afraid of the results of their next click or that the translations don't inspire confidence. With the consequence that, they'll drop their basket or uninstall your software, which means you'll lose business. You don’t want your investment not returning business because people cannot understand the translated versions.

With software, meaning is condensed. But when words are scarce, they must be clear and precise. With software as with websites, words need to help people instinctively navigate their way through without any risk and fear of unexpected consequences. Clarity, precision and consistency also contribute to build trust, which feeds into an increase in business.

As result of our solid experience in the translation of Software and Websites, we know what questions to ask and the research and checks we need to carry out in view of creating efficient meaning in context to build trust. We've incorporated this into our 5-step process.

Our localisation services offer solutions to ensure satisfaction and peace of mind: your localised website or software will work in their language versions, in their context and for your customers. Our translations are Guaranteed Risk-Free.

Some of our clients benefiting from our Guaranteed Risk-Free Localisation services:

Quality/Six Sigma

Multilingual translations of Six Sigma training courses, progress reports to lean manufacturing, Quality policies

With today's workforce speaking multiple languages, wrong translations can easily lead to staff safety being compromised, production disasters, product withdrawals, and loss of business and reputation. Whether it's health and safety instructions, production guidelines or quality policies, it is vital for your organisation that the wording is understood to be actionable by your staff in every language.

Freed understand the risks and the consequences for your organisation of wrong translations. The 5-step process of our Risk-Free Guarantee aims to free your organisation from such risks.

To ensure your content has the expected impact, we research and collaborate with you to find the company-specific term which will convey accurately the Six Sigma/Lean concepts (for trainers) or the instructions that will be understood and followed by your people. If a concept doesn't exist in a language or risks being misunderstood, we find a solution. We know that using the same word for the same concept will reduce errors and ensure correct actions and reactions from your staff. Therefore, once we've found the right term for your organisation, we maintain accuracy over time.

We are proud to support many companies on their journey to achieving zero defects, zero accidents, and agile production increases as they strive towards becoming World-Class Organisations.

Some of our clients benefiting from our Guaranteed Risk-Free services with regards to Quality/Six Sigma:

Food & Drink

Translations into multiple languages of standards, audits, E-Learning/classroom training, labels

Food poisoning, product recalls, allergies, we’re constantly reminded in the news or at our local shops of issues associated with food and drink. With the global market dependent on translations, the risks of getting them wrong can reach planetary proportions - consumer death, leading to loss of reputation, loss of business and bankruptcy.

In global operations, it is vital that employees and suppliers of any language understand and follow company’s guidelines and demonstrate they do. As for consumers, understanding labels and checking for allergens in their language is now a must.

Freed understand the impact of wrong translations. Standards, audits, policies and guidelines, classroom/E-learning training, labels, we translate these vital documents conscientiously. The 5-step process of our Risk-Free Guarantee will give you control and peace of mind.

Some of our clients benefiting from our Risk-Free Services within the Food & Drink industry:

Education & Tourism

Multilingual translations of ticketing, attraction websites, schools/Universities presentations, communications, websites, video subtitling e-Learning courses

If your business depends on customers respect and confidence, why would you risk mistrust or even ridicule with wrong translations? The impact of wrong translations are clear - loss of business, is only one of them!

When Freed helped a famous tourist attraction translate their website into multiple languages, they understood the importance of us getting it right for them. Our attention to details and the way we constantly review and verify benefited them greatly. We questioned a number of what appeared to be inconsistencies (broken or illogical links or wording), which were inadvertently left in the original text of their website.

Minor issues? We believe that even incorrect details reflect negatively on brands and impact credibility. If credibility is compromised, there could be no trust and therefore no purchase.

We discuss details and nuances at the Consideration stage within the 5-step process of our Risk-Free Guarantee. We also attract clients' attention on the particular linguistic or cultural issues related to their project at our Verification stage.

Some of our clients within the Education & Tourism industry benefiting from our Guaranteed Risk-free Translations:


Translations into multiple languages of LinkedIn articles, press releases, event websites & communications

Companies spend millions on developing their brands and the way their brands are portrayed in public. Wrong translations, whether due to an adverse choice of word or an inappropriate tone of voice, destroy brands and their reputation around the globe.

Freed's expertise in translation within the marketing industry ensures brands create a consistent image across languages. So we'll discuss at the Consideration stage of our 5-step process the target audience and the expected impact, for instance.

To strengthen your brand individuality and ensure consistency across all the communications we translate, we'll create multilingual records of specific brand terms and phrases. Therefore with our Guaranteed risk-free Translations, you'll be building a strong brand globally.

Some of our clients benefiting from our Risk-free Guaranteed services for their Marketing: