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Our Guarantee – Risk-Free Translations

How do you ensure that the translations you receive from third parties are fit for your purpose?

Freed understand this vital issue and its implications. We know that unless you have your own company translators translating your translations (!), finding reliable translation companies is a gamble which can expose you to great risks.
Our Mission is to take the gamble out of translation and provide you with Guaranteed Risk-Free Translations. Giving you tighter control over your translations.

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Guaranteed Risk-Free Translations

We understand the impact on your organisation of having wrong translations, that's why we developed our Risk-Free Guarantee. This ensures Freed will get things right for you. You'll have control and peace of mind, knowing our translations will benefit your business.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee is based on a 5-step approach to delivering the highest quality translations on all of your projects. And to show the steps we've taken to ensure the quality of the translations we have done, we'll supply a Risk-Free Guarantee certificate with every project.

Our Guarantee

For your translation projects, we will follow the 5-step process below:



Before starting a project, we’ll make sure, we have a complete understanding of your requirements and objectives. It is not just about what we need to translate, but how the translation will be used. This will ensure that we translate using the appropriate terminology and style to fit your purpose.



Once we've identified the project parameters, we will select the most appropriate translators to undertake the work – mainly by precise native language and industry experience. Professional and experienced translators of course.



During the project, we’ll constantly verify and review. For instance, if we believe there could be any ambiguity within a sentence which cannot be resolved with cues within the documents, rather than risking getting it wrong, we’ll send you queries. We’ll verify and review before delivery. And then we’ll verify and review again. We know that multiple verifications reduce the risk of errors.



We know from experience that the best translations are crafted by working closely with our clients. So we work with your in-country reviewers, representatives or directly with you to achieve just that. For each project, we’ll record your specific company and brand terms. This will help us maintain brand consistency and ensure, all translations will work for your employees and customers.



We’ll apply final touches to the translated content and its look. We'll perform the last tests and checks and then hand over the project timely, but only after we've confirmed that your requirements and objectives have been met. Afterwards, we’ll follow up to ensure you’re happy with your translations.

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What we do

Our primary focus is Translation. With over 20 years of experience in the translation industry, we’ve developed instincts and processes to deliver guaranteed risk-free translations. To make your life easier, we also offer complementary services:


Rendering of written words into foreign languages. With close to 100 languages, we cover the main world languages... Read more

Software & website translation

Also known as localisation. This involves adapting the text content from your Software or Web material into foreign languages ... Read more


Where you need to understand or speak to people who don’t speak or understand your language, we offer a number of solutions ... Read more

Quality Review/Testing

You've invested into the development of software or a website, you need to know that the language versions are performing ... Read more

Translatability check/Multilingual Translation Savings

Your files need to be translated into multiple languages ; you can make substantial savings ... Read more

Monolingual proofreading/Proofreading of documents written by non-native speakers

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At Freed, we pride ourselves on offering top quality, reliable, personalised services to multiple industry sectors. We perfectly know that by understanding your needs and wishes, collaborating with you and adhering to our 5-step process, we'll deliver the best possible services to your organisation and save you from the risks and consequences of wrong translations. With our 20 years experience in the translation industry, we've come to excel particularly in five industry sectors:

Information Technology

Don’t risk loss of business with people dropping baskets or uninstalling your software

IT – Multilingual Localization of Software, Website screen text, user/administrator instructions

Quality/Six Sigma

Don’t risk staff safety or production disasters

Multilingual translations of Six Sigma training courses, progress reports to lean manufacturing, Quality policies

Food & Drink

Don't risk the health of your consumers

Translations into multiple languages of standards, audits, E-Learning/classroom training, labels

Education & Tourism

Don't risk loss of confidence and ridicule

Multilingual translations of ticketing, attraction websites, schools/Universities presentations, communications, websites, video subtitling e-Learning courses


Don’t risk the reputation of your brands

Translations into multiple languages of LinkedIn articles, press releases, event websites & communications


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